Into the Well began as a healing journey of self-acceptance. I took up ballet again, in my adulthood, in an effort to connect to my body and self, and found it to be wildly healing in every possible way. I'd make a great playlist, turn on the Christmas lights in my backyard and do ballet under a disco ball. This simple act of showing up for myself and doing something that I loved, reminded me of my worth and value. It reminded me of what it felt like to exist for myself. I was inspired to create a platform that celebrates authenticity, living fully into your life, and giving space to yourself to thrive.

it started with a
disco ball

ellen james


The collective represents inclusion, whole body wellness and self-care for all humans. We create space for our contributors to speak to a wide variety of topics that enhance our mission.

Our contributors promise to keep working, learning, listening and growing. We strive to live authentically, honestly, openly. And we are on this journey with you.

I am passionate about inclusion and hospitality. Into the Well is all about providing space for people. I hope to bring a message of self-acceptance, self-care and love to all people, at any place in life. I teach WellBarre, a hybrid workout class combining ballet conditioning, pilates, yoga, and strength training.
We welcome all levels of dance and fitness and hope that every student feels empowerment in their body and mind when they walk out of class. I am so honored to share space with the incredible, talented people of The Collective and for the community it provides. 

ellen james

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and i'm steve lemon

Lauren Iden is an animal lover, powerlifter, jigsaw puzzler, and newbie skateboarder. During her 10-year career in education, Lauren discovered strength training and it was life-changing. As someone who had always lacked confidence in all areas and wanted to shrink in almost every situation, strength training taught her that she carried more power than she ever thought. Being stronger in her body led to her being stronger in her daily pursuits and interactions. Strength training was such a life changing activity that she transitioned from her career in education into a career in personal training, where she still gets to teach every day. Lauren believes that all bodies are capable of becoming stronger than we’ll ever imagine, that we all have the right to - and should - take up physical space.

lauren iden

mary lu hare

Mary Lu is a self-described yoga fanatic and food enthusiast who loves talking to anyone about anything. She can regularly be found at hot yoga or on a run right before going to eat burgers or barbecue with friends. She feels empowered by challenging her body and trying new things. Mary Lu started BodyTalk after a series of conversations with 7-12th grade girls who discussed openly the pressure they felt to ‘fit in’ to a prescribed shape and look. After years of working in luxury retail and struggling through disordered eating, Mary Lu connected personally with these conversations and wanted to ensure that all people were given space to voice their experiences and be encouraged to practice self-love, acceptance and bodily self-care. Mary Lu lives fully into the belief that all bodies have immeasurable value and worth. Taking care of our body is not about shrinking ourselves, but instead is about accepting that our body is valuable now – just as it is - and that to be our best and most authentic selves we have to take care of our heart, mind, soul and body. 

this is lift

yoga + bodytalk+ Pilates + Barre

Rev. jenna sullivan

Jenna is an ordained minister currently completing a pastoral apprenticeship in Dallas. She completed her 200 hour RYT training specializing in Baptiste Yoga in 2019.

She is passionate about embodied healing, dance, spirituality, somatic experiencing, and building joyful community. She is especially passionate about helping fellow LGBTQIA+ folx find safe and affirming wellness spaces.

trisha Kelly

Trisha found. yoga during a time when she was pushing her body very hard to be "perfect." Yoga has helped her find a new way to feel more free. It has given her joy, comfort, peace, community, and sanctuary within.

Trisha is a barista at Union Coffee in Dallas, and Rosalind Coffee here in Garland. She loves to dance, write, paint, and sing.

Previously, Trisha taught vinyasa, prenatal, and restorative yoga at the Marine Corps base in 29 Palms CA and is so excited to guide practice here at Into the Well Collective.

Michael Zollicoffer

Sunrise Stretch and meditation

Hello friend, my name is Michael, and I enjoy meditation, music, and yoga among other things. I began my meditation and yoga journey a few years ago after having some major changes in my life regarding my philosophical beliefs. My body was in poor shape and mind was pretty tangled up. I have found many benefits from both meditation and yoga used together. My flexibility and balance has improved tremendously and I am able to find the calm in those challenging moments. 

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