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Taking care of our body is not about shrinking ourselves, but instead is about accepting that our body is valuable now – just as it is - and that to be our best and most authentic selves we have to take care of our heart, mind, soul and body.

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The Well – Opening Soon

Jul 24, 2021

Into the Well has a space.

Or maybe I should say we have a physical location – because everyone has an important space in this world. But either way, Into the Well has an official place.

And its beautiful. Its an old Oddfellows lodge building built in 1897, with the three rings still perched on the top. It has huge windows that open to the Garland Downtown square below. The sunlight pours in all day and, when the season is right, the moon shines through.

It has old wood floors and a brand-new bathroom. It has exposed brick walls and when you walk in it feels safe and open and welcome. It’s the kind of space that rises up to meet you and holds you warmly while lifting you up further.

It’s The Well.

We knew, that one day, Into the Well needed a physical space. A space that we could open up for workshops and movement classes. Our own space for WellBarre and yoga and events. But most importantly, we wanted a space to just be together in. The dream, more than anything, has always been wanting to be together.

After a year of pandemic life, we quickly realized together needed to happen sooner rather than later – like together needed to happen now. And when an old friend showed us this space – well, The Well rose up to and met us.

It has needed some of our own touches. Ellen and Courtney have found the most beautiful mirrors and lights. I brought all sorts of plants and candles. The bathroom is almost done, and we are on the hunt for a couch that just wants to be curled up on.

And friends, we could not be more excited to welcome you into this amazing space with us! We have no doubt that it will rise up to meet you and lift you further into the best most authentic you! The thought of doing life together with you – no matter your age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, size, shape, movement experience – it brings us so much joy.

Welcome to The Well. Opening mid-August 2021 in Downtown Garland. We cannot wait to take up space and shine bright with you.

*Check out our website for memberships, class schedules and upcoming activities at The Well.

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