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Lauren is a personal trainer, animal lover, powerlifter, jigsaw puzzler, and newbie skateboarder.

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Ellen teaches barre, loves all things 90's, sweatshirts, dancing with her kids, and sriracha mayo on EVERYTHING.

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standing chest stretch

thoracic spine 


standing chest stretch


hip flexor 

Half kneeling hip flexor stretch


Daily hip flexor stretches are important to help the hips extend fully. The full extension of the hips helps to avoid compression in the lower back. This stretch is especially helpful if you’re in a seated position most of the day. 


Come to a half-kneeling position, with one knee on the floor and the other foot in front with the heel planted just below the knee. 

Engage the core by scooping the tailbone underneath you and bringing your front ribs back toward your spine. 

Keeping this engagement to prevent arching in the back, begin to shift your front knee toward your toes, going only so far as you can without arching through the spine. 

Hold for 5-10 breaths on each side. 

stretches of the week

Standing thoracic spine extension

Stand facing a wall, feet hip width apart, with your hands placed on the wall just below chest height.

Keeping the hands on the wall, step away from the wall until arms are fully extended and palms are flat on the wall. (You may need to walk the hands a little lower at this point).

Bend the knees slightly. Keeping the core engaged so the stretch can occur in the upper back rather than the lumbar spine, allow the chest to fall toward the floor.

Hold for 5-10 breaths.

I read a quote once that said “Your body is only as old as your spine is flexible.” This standing spine extension offers relief of the longest region of the spine, the thoracic spine. This stretch helps lengthen and align the spine and relieves pressure in the lower back. 

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Need a little self-love boost?! This is a thoughtful way to map out the areas of your life that are fulfilling you and works to create peace in the areas that no longer serve you. 

 Throughout the course you'll have downloadable worksheets that will become a storyboard of your self appreciation journey. A visual display of what you love about you, what makes you happy, and how you feel most at home with yourself. 


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