About Ellen James

Founder Ellen James is passionate about creating space for all people to find peace and wellness in life. Into the Well’s mission stems from a life-long love of dance and her personal journey with movement and music for health and emotional healing. Inspired by a family history of chronic illness and her own diagnosis of Graves’ Disease, Ellen found peace in her body through ballet and movement. Through her practice, she realized that movement and music wasn’t just helping her feel at home in her body, but was allowing her to work through grief and move towards emotional healing. Knowing we all carry our own emotions and experiences, Ellen’s primary goal for Into the Well is to provide an inclusive space where people feel inspired to find wellness in who they are through the balance of music, movement and life. Ellen brings a message of self-acceptance, self-care and love to all people, at any place in life. Ellen currently teaches her own unique movement barre class that creates an inclusive space for all individuals to find goodness and authenticity in.

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