Mary Lu Hare

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Mary Lu Hare


Mary Lu is a self-described yoga fanatic and food enthusiast who loves talking to anyone about anything. She can regularly be found at hot yoga or on a run right before going to eat burgers or barbecue with friends. She feels empowered by challenging her body and trying new things.

Mary Lu started BodyTalk after a series of conversations with 7-12th grade girls who discussed openly the pressure they felt to ‘fit in’ to a prescribed shape and look. After years of working in luxury retail and struggling through disordered eating, Mary Lu connected personally with these conversations and wanted to ensure that all people were given space to voice their experiences and be encouraged to practice self-love, acceptance and bodily self-care.

Mary Lu lives fully into the belief that all bodies have immeasurable value and worth. Taking care of our body is not about shrinking ourselves, but instead is about accepting that our body is valuable now – just as it is – and that to be our best and most authentic selves we have to take care of our heart, mind, soul and body. Mary Lu is beyond thrilled to contribute to the inclusive, empowering and loving space Into the Well provides!




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